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Добро пожаловать в романтику поместья Вихула!
Добро пожаловать в загородный клуб и spa-центр поместья Вихула – первый усадебный курорт в балтийских странах с полным комплексом обслуживания, расположенный среди первозданной природы национального п...

Ammende Villa has 17 spacious and luxurious double rooms and one single de luxe room to choose from. We can accommodate up to 35 people. In addition 7 extra beds can be fitted into the rooms.

The former capital of Livonia Põltsamaa is a cute little town. Where there are beautiful parks, the river and the beautiful white bridges.

For companies and private clients
Private-deluxe room rental offer!
single room - 20 euro/night NEW price! 17 euro/night*
twin room – 25 euro/night NEW price! 17 euro/night*
triple room – 30 euro/night NEW price! 17 euro/night*

Gabriel Guesthouse
Kallasmaa 3, Maardu, Eesti

Maardu, Harjumaa 74111

Heleni Maja Guesthouse was founded in 1995 and is one of the biggest facilities offering accommodation in Põltsamaa.

The building was built in 1910 and originally it was a starch factory.